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Thread: Are you for or against dairy consumption?

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    Are you for or against dairy consumption?

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    I'm mainly talking about raw fermented cheese and greek yogurt

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    It works for me. Goat's and sheep's.

    Dairy is an even vaguer term than carbs.
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    Raw and fermented dairy give me no problems whatsoever. I enjoy them frequently.
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    It all depends. How do you feel when you eat it? In the beginning I cut it out for about 2 months and then added it back in a little at a time. For me i saw no down side to it. i still don't use a ton. Heavy cream in my coffee, butter in cooking, and a little cheese here and there.
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    I'm agnostic towards it. It doesn't do anything bad to me, but I'm not a huge fan of it either.
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    Some decisions aren't amenable to popular vote. I'm against peoples' harming themselves when they know better, and I'm for their doing whatever works for them. I eat dairy, but avoid bulk lactose, which means milk is out and cream/butter/cheese/yogurt/kefir is in. Works for me...

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    I gave up dairy except for butter back in October 2011. I can state that my nasal congestion for whatever reason has improved, even with this early spring and tons of pollen and mold in the air. I also feel better overall. I used to mock those that said that giving up dairy improves health, but I am a believer now.

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    I'm neither. each person has to find their own way. I do not consume it, but DS and DH have raw yogurt from our cow share.

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    I use butter on occasion for cooking. I put heavy whipping cream in my eggs. Cheese on occasion. Don't drink much milk as is. I never have drank it a lot, but rather infrequently, so not really giving anything up. Though I do like goats milk enough to drink it more regularly and plan to buy dairy goats when I have some property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
    Raw and fermented dairy give me no problems whatsoever. I enjoy them frequently.

    Raw milk. Mmmmm (No lactose problems with raw, and I'm VERY lactose intolerant of pasteurized.)
    10% fat smack you in the face tangy Greek yogurt. Mmmmmm.
    Raw cream and butter.

    I don't do much cheese just because I have to avoid salt.
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