Hi, see if you can help me.

I'm a 30 years guy, very active (heavy weight lift, and intense running sprints)

I'm in a paleo style for 4 months, very strictly, exception on dairy (250 mL/Day goat milk, little yogurt and "yellow" cheese).

Before i followed a standard health diet, with 2400 total calories based on high protein (lean meat, dairy), high carb (fruits, vegetables, and lots of grains (wheat, oat etc). Now i eat same total calories with high protein (fatty meats) high fat (butter, bacon, few nuts) and low carb (fruits and few starchy (sweet potatoes).

In blood tests I was "cardiologist's pride" but i didn't feel great, always lazy with the 6 day meals and etc...

Now I feel great, my body fat dropped from 7% to 4,5%! and i'm stronger and faster than ever. but the blood test concerned my doctor (and even me...).

The results:
TCholesterol: 255 LDL: 140 HDL: 108 TC: 34.

Fasting glucose: 103

Blood pressure: 110/70
heart rest frequency: 53 per minute.

I'm worried about LDL and fasting glucose!
thank you