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Thread: Tools that help to break away from computer

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    I know a couple people who use standing desks at work with decent results.

    If you sit for long periods, at least use a well-designed ergonomic chair, not some random kitchen chair. It may not promote back strength or excellent posture, but it won't cut off leg circulation etc.

    It's not exactly unplugging, but I find having a smartphone helps fill in for a lot of seated computer use. It's handy for 'impulse' checking of e-mail, calendar or isolated factoids (via Google/Yelp/etc) while remaining just inconvenient enough to use that I don't then spend another hour surfing.

    Here is the tool I most often use to break away from my computer

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    Looks like my work shoes...

    Anyway, seriously OP, you need to get involved in things that will distract you without thinking "Crap, I need to get away from the computer for a while." Find some activities (alone or with a group) that will just plain make you too busy or otherwise distracted to even think about how you're not on the computer. You'll just realize you haven't been for a while.

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