Hi grkdiva,

I'm 56 and have been peri- for about 10 years now. Every month I wonder (wish), is this the last? To say I can tell what affects all the symptoms would be a lie. To say I know what would be happening if I didn't do xyz would be difficult. But I have had some experience over the years with Black Cohosh and Evening Primrose Oil. I read early on that these are effective herbs and thought it probably wouldn't hurt. I stayed away from HRT and creams. When my PMS and periods were overwhelming, i.e., painful, emotional and messy, I'd take the herbs and experience a "shaving" of the extremes. Since going Paleo a year ago, my body has become more sensitive to whatever I put in it. It's less tolerant of poisons and sings when it gets the good stuff. I was having some particularly strong PMS and periods and remembered about the herbs, which I hadn't taken for quite a while. I started taking them, 500mg of Black Cohosh 2x day and 1 cap of Primrose oil 2x day. I haven't had any pain, headaches, or cramping since I started taking the herbs, but then again, I think I've only had one or two periods since then either. It's so hard to have a control group of one! If I'm truly done (cross your fingers!) I'll probably stop taking them and see what happens. I stay away from the AMA and the pharmoindustrial complex. Still a rebel after all these years. Hope you find this helpful.