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Thread: Muscle glycogen storage ??

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    Yet another question !! Sorry guys.

    With our primal lifestyles being naturally carb restricted does the process of gluconagesis (spelt incorrectly) actually fill our muscles with glycogen ?? Or is it more of a energy when requested process.

    The reason i am asking is my muscles seem to have gone a lot smaller although more defined through the fat burning they are definatly smaller. Should i have a day when i carb load a little more ??

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    I got this one!

    Your muscles haven't gotten smaller. What happens on a low carb diet is that your body gets rid of a lot of excess water. Carbs, in everyday terms, act like a sponge in your body and suck up water. Think of a piece of angel food cake in your body sucking up all of that water and making your skin swell!

    There are a few diets out there that suggest you have a carb up day. The theory behind it is if you are working out (weight training of course) all week without carbs, then on the weekend (or whatever day you choose) when you carb up, your muscles suck up all of those carbs like greedy little kids in a candy store. Thus producing larger muscles without fat increase.

    Mark will tell you that this is unnecessary and your body is doing fine without it. I agree.

    So yeah, your muscles are going to look smaller, but you are not losing muscle. This is why so many of my cohorts will down glucose gel right before a show, it pumps up the muscle by driving water into it, giving that pumped look with crazy vascularity.

    Carb load if you want before you head out to the pool, in the end, you'll look good for about a day, gain about 5-7 pounds of water weight, and feel a little crappy. Just do it with good carbs, ok?

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