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Thread: Many questions from a Newbie!

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    Many questions from a Newbie!

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    My husband and have been on a continual food journey for the past 3 years and recently came across the some friends talking about going primal.

    I didn't know anything about it -- -- we dont' have TV and limit our internet use among other things. With out lifestyle, we "don't get out much", but this was interesting enough for me to do some searching online while my kid naps.

    This was the first site that popped up while Googling and I've been reading around and stuff. I don't know allot yet, but I hope too!

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    hi willsplath. less tv & less internet? hey, you're part primal already

    go ahead and by the primal blueprint book. it's great, and it's all you need to get started. whether you're focusing on health, or weight loss, there is wisdom to be gleaned.
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    Welcome! I would also say to buy one of Mark's books. There is lots of good info here in the forums and many nice, helpful people, but there is also lots of misinformation and confusing alternatives.
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