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Thread: Dear son dropping weight fast and I am plodding along:( page

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    Dear son dropping weight fast and I am plodding along:(

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    Anyone else finding that their kids are going gangbusters and they are just plodding?
    I am really pleased for my son but...... I really hate him too

    And I know all the reasons why I am taking longer to look as great as I feel.
    I must admit I feel great and have the reverse of most folks that is I get a shock when I look in the mirror, that I don't look as great as I feel.
    Now that I have got that off my chest I am off to the health food shop to buy some supplies.

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    As a 27 F with no kids, I can't relate. BUT my dad, a guy in his mid-50s, can cut back his food intake in general and drop weight like crazy in just a few weeks while I lose 1-2 lbs a week when busting my ass. So not fair!!!!

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    I don't know if it only applies to guys, but there's plenty of mention about testosterone levels being sufficient, in order to drop weight. Again, I don't know how this can apply to women, but I'd like to think it can, to a degree.
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    I don't think anyone has yet figured out if it's one element or several causing it, but it's evident that males have a much easier time losing weight in general. I personally think it's the muscle mass being a greater percentage of body composition, but there are plenty of exceptions to that notion - from strong girls with some fat they can't drop to underweight men who lose body mass in spite of having little muscle...

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    my 11 yr old son only weighs 30kg, so I'm wanting him to put on weight! I can't imagine him ever being overweight (except for wheat belly if he doesn't learn not to eat wheat by the time he's an adult. YOu can only brainwash so much lol)

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