I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 years ago and haven't had any problems staying away from gluten, although I was still eating non-gluten grains and dairy. I gained about 10 pounds when I stopped eating gluten and my doctor told me it was because my body was finally absorbing nutrients from food. That's fine and all, but I can't lose the weight. I eat a primal diet with small amounts of fruit and I do drink red wine in moderation. I do moderate amounts of exercise on a fairly regular basis. I have done some crossfit in the past, but find that I get injured more often than not. I'm going to try crossfit again, but at a slower pace this time. I'm not sure what I'm missing. I'm 5'5 and weigh 148lbs. I have a medium/large build, so I can carry some weight, but I hate it. I got down to 123 in my 20's (I'm 35) while following the south beach diet, but I was starving...and in a bad mood all the time because of it. I'm also suffering from acne on my chest and back. I'm wondering if the omega 3 supplement I take might be contributing. All the meat I eat is grass-fed or pasture raised, veggies come from a local organic farm. What am I doing wrong here? I feel pretty good, just can't lose my belly fat. Any feed back would be much appreciated.