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Thread: Stool problems on paleo diet?

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    Stool problems on paleo diet?

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    I have been 'primal' for 3 months now. And for those entire 3 months I have had stool problems. It's soft and clay-colored. No idea why this is. The only thing I could think of was too much protein. I eat about 150-175g protein a day. I'm a 6'1" male. Is this too much? Could it cause the stool problems?
    If so, how can I reduce my protein intake without eating too little calories?

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    I had this - very pale for ages and I was quite concerned. And soft to the point of liquid quite often.

    Gradually went darker and dafter about 8 months just fine (with a few days of startling emerald green!!!)

    Look at this page

    Gut Sense: Bristol Stool Form Scale

    for reassurance!!

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