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Thread: Ostrich

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    Just tried some for the first time. It'd been imported from South Africa and was not cheap. But try any primal food once.

    It tasted pretty much the same as beef to me, although the texture was different -- a little softer.

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    I think it's delicious, though tends to be on the dry side - good excuse to add some butter or animal fat
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    I think our local buffalo butcher stocks Ostrich from time to time. They also have wild boar bacon. YUM!
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    Ostrich is underrated as a meat. Used to have one at our high school, was donated to our Agriscience department. It got sold a few years later and the Ag kids...we got burgers from the guy who bought it. No one asked, no one cared (that bird was temperamental) but man, were those burgers good.

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    The couple of times I had ostrich, the meal was on par with some of the best steaks I've had. I'd raise them on my farm but they're evil and nasty bastards, or at least every interaction I've had with them showed me such. They hiss, charge, kick and just generally act like tits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis View Post
    It tasted pretty much the same as beef to me.
    You overcooked your ostrich or you regularly overcook your beef. Or both. Ostrich tastes better than beef.

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