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Thread: Edible bugs?

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    Edible bugs?

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    There seems to be a really high population of yellow jackets in my area, they are all around my apartment complex and it is not uncommon for them to come buzzing around my patio...I'm think if I put some flowers out I could catch some and eat them! What do you guys think? Could I remove the stinger and fry these plump babies up?

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    Well, I don't know about bees but I am seriously thinking about eating the snails in my garden. I love escargot. The common garden snail in California is the eating variety, or so I've been told. It's pretty easy to make a garlic-infused clarified butter. Going to find a recipe for cooking snails right now!

    ETA: For anyone who might be interested, I found this Snails from Your Garden to Your Table
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    This doesn't stimulate my appetite, but as far as I know they aren't inherently toxic and the bright colors serve as a warning to the fact that they'll sting the fuck out of your face if you mess with them. Some cultures eat other species of wasps and numerous other insects, but I'd never do it outside of a survival situation.
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    I prefer my edible bugs to come in the form of lobsters and crabs.
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    Along with eating raw meat, eating bugs is way too paleo.

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    These things would be awesome for this.

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    Lots of fun too! I got to play with one a few years back, and it's quite addictive.

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    Actually, yellow jacket pupae were eaten by Native Americans. They would tie a flower to a piece of meat (or a grasshopper leg), and when the yellow jacket would pick it up, they would follow the flying flower to the hive. They would smoke out the adults and eat the young.

    I've never tried yellow jacket larvae, but I have tried bee (from a beekeeper who was clearing out the drone comb) and they are DELICIOUS, sort of like bacon crossed with mushroom, and high in essential fatty acids. I have a recipe for a BEE-LT you might like to try, though they are perfect sauteed in a little butter and salt: Recipe: Bee-LT Sandwich | Girl Meets Bug

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    thinking about their physicality, what-have-you, i can see these being a crunchy snack type thing after you take off the stinger and wings
    yeah you are

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    I eat tons of greens and have never fallen into the habit of washing them very thoroughly. Along with the dirt, I'm sure I've eaten my share of little bugs over the last 30 years. Maybe the dirt and bugs are why my B12 levels are good : )

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