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Thread: I'm always hungry!!!!

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    I'm 1 week in and can say I'm right there with you. Today was tough too with a feeling in my stomach like hunger but didnt crave food like I normally do. Ive had the odd dull headache and on some days feel a little depressed but I'm pushing through. Stick with it and I'm confident it will pass in time. Just got to get used to the fact that I'm going to feel different until I get used to the new way of eating and drinking different foods.

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    @rochelledb and @SgtBuffo - I'm with you both on this. Only about a week into the switch, and I'm dealing with some hunger stuff. There is definitely a constant underlying "hollowness" i'm feeling. Not quite hunger, but not satiety. Experiences low carb flu days 1-3, but pretty much out of it now. More energy, but still hunger. I'm coming from chronic cardio / pescetarian / eating disorder background, and so far primal blueprint is a good experience.

    Taking everyone's advice and increasing fat and veggies. Forum and website support has been great. Thank you all for all of this information!

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