I sometimes forget my lunch and have to eat out while at work because I am actually hungry and not in the mood for a fast. And sometimes I like to have lunch with friends. I was eating out today and thinking a list of Primal-friendly joints and meals would be very helpful -- so I'm starting one! Feel free to add for your city.


Shine Cafe -- all the meat and eggs in this breakfast and lunch diner are local and organic. Suggested lunch: the full breakfast, which is 3 eggs, bacon, ham AND sausage, grilled tomato, fruit salad if you feel like fruit. Organic mint tea.

Foo -- Asian street food joint. Order the Pork and Prawn Lettuce cups, ask them to hold the sugar in the sauce. Awesomeness.

Pig -- Southern BBQ. Order the pulled pork without a bun, or the dry rub short ribs, with coleslaw. Tell them to hold the spicy sauce.

Saigon Harbour -- Vietnamese. Ask them to make the tofu curry with chicken instead (they will), no rice or noodles. You will get a giant bowl of strips of chicken thigh, veggies and curry sauce made with real butter you can taste. 80/20 consideration: this joint makes the best spring rolls in the city, bar none. If you eat rice as part of your 80/20, order one.

Opa -- Greek food in the food court, Bay Centre. Order the low-carb plate with chicken or lamb. I always ask for double meat. Choose from Greek salad made fresh with real olive oil, or Ceasar (tell them to hold the croutons and they will make a salad just for you.)

Anyone else want to chime in?