I put this question to the fitness page but was hijacked by barefoot philosophers ...

There is a mega trail race I'm interested in doing. Training is in hand, but I'm wondering about footwear. Specifically, my Vibrams aren't up to it for various terrain reasons (they work but I'm having to slow down for the shoes rather than for being tired). These are the shoes I want: Inov-8 Footwear BareGrip 200 Please notice the VERY HEAVY (about 4mm) rubber lugs they have.

So I want something that is as grippy as the inov8 shoe on steep (50 degree) grass and mud slopes (my Vibrams aren't, but the inov8's are; my friends and I tried the two head to head last weekend) but that is wide enough (the inov8's aren't) to accommodate female size 39 4E feet like mine (or H width according to my brannock!) and still falls into the "barefoot" market.

Please don't reply if you think I should just slow down for actual barefooting - I've done that already, it's great, now I want to up the speed without having to wear conventional (and injurious!) footwear. Thanks.

(final terrain notes: steep rocky trail of mixed size stone, steep grass, steep mud, often no trail, sometimes snow.)