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Thread: Sagging Breast????

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    check the forum at for links on skin brushing. It might help her.

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    I lost 70 pounds. Half of that was very fast because I was not eating. I went from nice plump DDD-E cups to deflated, saggy, flat, DD cups. Bras make them look good but I also would like to look nicer naked. I probably have age against me, I am 35 and have nursed several babies. I actually have this loose saggy skin on my arms, stomach and thighs too so yuck, it is just the boobies that make me feel really bad.

    There are herbs she can try. I was trying them but I am not good at taking suppliments so I did not keep up with it. Fenugreek, saw palmetto and red clover are supposed to help. I also heard the thing about skin brushing but never tried it. Maybe it is time.

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