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Thread: Carb intake based on weight?

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    Carb intake based on weight?

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    I've seen from reading some things, on this forum and in MDA's blog, that people vary widely on the amount of their carbs. I was just wondering if there is any reason to base carb intake on weight? I've seen where protein intake is based on so many grams per body weight or grams per lean mass, but what about basing carb intake on weight? would someone who weighs 250 lbs need more carbs then someone who only weighs 150 lbs?
    being a newbie, I haven't really pondered this too much and was wondering what others thought about this.

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    I think its more dependent on activity then weight. Even then there is a huge variance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by activia View Post
    I think its more dependent on activity then weight. Even then there is a huge variance.
    Yep, activity level and other things are big factors in deciding what amount is right for you. Personally, you could feed me the average paleo diet of someone who works a desk job and is lightly active and I'd end up flat on my face simply because the diet doesn't have enough calories or carbs in it for my level of activity. At the same time, you could feed my diet to someone who isn't active like me and they'd probably do poorly on it. The big thing is to experiment with your diet and find a sweet spot that works for you, while avoiding dogmatic thinking and pseudo science.

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    For me, it's been determining the amount of calories I need (around 1700 per day), and I usually end up getting a third of my calories from each of my macros (fats, carbs, protein). That's what feels good for me, anyway.
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