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    Post Meal High

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    I get this great high after eating (all meals). I'm pretty strictly Primal. Butter is my only dairy and I eat berries for sugar and carbs when I need them. I use Coconut oil, leftover meat drippings, duck fat, clarified and Kerrygold butter for cooking. I eat lots of veggies with grassed beef, chicken (antibiotic free or lean conventional but local and pastured when in season), seafood, uncured bacon and deli slices, and lean conventional pork until local is in season. Now that my menu is covered...I get high after every meal. Not drowsy or jittery but like I just had an intense and wonderful workout. I feel seriously strong. Can anyone help explain or have a similar experience?

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    Probably the MCTs and butyric acid in the coconut oil and butter are upping your metabolism and body temp. It does feel good.
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    Yep, I get that - it's the great-to-be-alive feeling.

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    jealous right now haha
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