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Thread: Outside Magazine sled dog diet

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    Hi everyone, right after I read the PB, I happened to read this article about the remarkable endurance of sled dogs:

    Anyway, the interesting part was this paragraph:

    "YOU WOULDN'T KNOW IT to look at Tony, because he's pretty slight, but he's fed a diet that's mostly fat—up to 60 percent. "You'd kill a pet dog with that," says Erica McKenzie, a professor of large-animal medicine at Oregon State University who's studied sled dogs with Davis. If people ate such a diet, we'd all be diabetics living—not for long—on Lipitor. "In sled dogs we have a model where they exist continuously on a high-fat diet and are highly insulin sensitive," says Davis. "It raises the question of whether all those associations [between fatty diets and diabetes] are just an association and not a cause and effect. Or is there something else that goes along with a high-fat diet in humans that causes insulin resistance? Or maybe there's something you can do while eating a high-fat diet that prevents you from developing insulin resistance."

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    Haha. Awesome.

    Dogs are very similar to people. They are supposed to eat the same things. We hunted together.

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    Great find, thanks for sharing the link. I'm partial, as I have a Siberian Husky (she's curled on my feet right now) and she's fed fat and meat and bones, great for her!

    In FatHead-Movie there is mention from Dr Sears that early researchers TRYING to prove animal fats cause heart disease (yah, they set out to PROVE that) in people, they originally used dogs. No matter how much bacon, butter, eggs, meat, and fat they fed them, they just could not get them to develop disease. DUH! So they switched to rabbits and blam, heart disease for the browsing herbivores, CW fear of fat was pushed to the fore. Downhill for mankind ever since.

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    I would think I'd be used to it, but time after time it blows my mind how many doctors/professors are so ignorant.

    I love the part about "pet dogs" being killed on a diet like that. LOL.

    Right, as if "pet dogs" are different genetically because they don't pull a sled.


    semper ad meliora

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    They tried to prove cholesterol caused atherosclerosis by feeding it to dogs as well, but no matter how much they fed, the dogs didn't get atherosclerosis. Hence the move to rabbits. They decided that dogs NEVER get atherosclerosis. But then someone dripped insulin into a dog's leg and in a very short time the blood vessel completely filled with plaque. That should have been that.

    Sometimes I think humans are too stupid and obstinate to survive ...

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    From the aricle chutchy posted:

    "Davis thinks it's possible humans already have some capacity to use large amounts of fat as a primary fuel" and this researcher mentions one day there could be a pill to allow humans to burn fat the way sled dogs do.

    I'm gonna have lots of sheet rock work to do from smacking my head against the wall.

    I'd think an Air Force Ranger, or Navy Seal would do well on HIIT or Crossfit style training (Primal) and a rucksack stocked with pemmican.

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    I have a Samoyed and an Akita, they both eat a lot of fat, mostly raw, they are both in amazing shape, my Samoyed is 13 years old, and she's as healthy as a 6 year old.

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