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Thread: Once you go Grok, you never look back!

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    Certainly is! He's already lost over 7lbs so he's off to a great start. I think his success may spur on other members of the family.

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    I use a bit of physcology on my lot by leaving my copies of the Primal cookbook and Primal Blueprint books on the table in the hope my family will pick them up and may start on the Primal path.

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    You've got some willpower...just turns out you didn't need to use it so hard!
    Keep it up. Are you having fun and getting some good exercise?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danpuel View Post
    That's fine for people you don't really know but it's not exactly the most pragmatic solution if you don't want your loved ones to suffer the diseases of affluence that could be so easily avoided by a change in diet.
    Yes. It's hard to watch people you love hurting when they could be healthy. Remember, it doesn't matter if they are exactly Primal as long as they are generally eating in a paleolithic or even ancestral way. Primal isn't quite right for some people. I tell people I am eating the way my great grandparents ate.

    My standard response to the question of how to convince others.
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