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    Hey, I LIKE this food!

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    I would not have guessed it but I actually like these foods. I made myself some home-made chili the other day. It was most satisfying and delicious. Today I made some beef soup. I am eating things I never ate before ... and enjoying it. Parsnips?! Turnips?! Never before! I made my soup with stew meat, parsnips, turnips, carrots, onions, and celery and it was the most tasty thing! I could have eaten 5 bowls! But, surprisingly, I was full after just 1 bowl. Wow. What a way of eating! What a concept ... eating healthy and being satisfied! Who would have thought?

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    crazy how that works out
    yeah you are

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    I have tasted some new foods myself since I started Primal - for example, I've had pig's tongue a couple of times and am in love with it, it's easily the best part of the animal you can eat. I've also tried parsnips and love them. Actually, I constantly find myself experimenting with tastes and recipes. I've made desserts I wouldn't have dreamed about (and loved them) and on the whole I've been eating a much more varied diet since I went primal than my pre-primal one. I've been trying hard to make this work and I think it has been paying off. I just wanted to share this, I suppose

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