Hey all - I just read this article in the NYT about some eye-popping research done in France which proves statins cause muscle damage, impair mitochondrial functioning, lower glycogen stores in muscles - and several other damaging side effects. Read it here: Phys Ed: Do Statins Make It Tough to Exercise? - NYTimes.com

They fed statins to rats and not to others and then made them run to exhaustion. The ones on statins fatigued much faster and had 226% more oxidative stress in their muscle tissues than the rats who didn't take statins.

Gotta love this quote in the mainstream, New York Times no less:

"and fatigue with exertion is linked to less actual activity. And less activity has its own consequences. Move less and you increase your risk of premature death and other undesirable outcomes, even if your cholesterol is under control."

Along with the recent acknowledgement by the FDA that statins cause diabetes and memory loss, perhaps the CW is just starting to catch on to the damage caused by these drugs. Grok on - get off the meds.