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    Has anyone tried this before? I read somewhere, that your body is prime for fat burning after a intense strength session. Today, I did my 25 minute intense strength session. Then I, quickly jolted out the door, to begin my fast paced walk. A minute or so in, I check my heart rate. It was near 75% max and for my entire 4 mile walk it remained above 60%. Usually, I struggled to hit 55% on a cold walk. If anyone has any deeper insight into this, I would love to hear some thoughts.

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    I've done it. I've also walked after my sprint session. Just helps me wind down while still getting a workout in.

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    I believe it further enhances the fat burning process to get out and walk for a bit right after an intense session. I think the book Body by Science gets into this...or was it the PB...can't remember.

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    The lactic acid released during intense exercise actually blocks the fat from being released from the fat cell. Now, more adrenaline and noradrenaline is released with increasing intensity, so more fat is mobilized, it just can't get out until you stop.

    Thats why most the "fat burning" occurs post exercise in regards to interval/high intensity training.

    If you were to do your intense training, stop for say 5 minutes (allows for fat to be released from cell), then go on a 20-40 minute walk, that would be excellent.

    You have the improved bloodflow working for you, and the chances of the triglyceride just being resterfied (back into fat cell) becomes low. And now your burning the fat that is in the bloodstream with your low intensity walk.

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