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Thread: Primal Diet Review - "It's good for a week for cleansing" - (Video)

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    Primal Diet Review - "It's good for a week for cleansing" - (Video)

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    I think we're making an impact here. The optimist in me says that we're reaching a critical mass where these "experts" are being asked about us all the time.

    The video starts out with them singing the praises of the diet (although focused on lean meats), but then it all starts going down hill. (should have known when I saw 'Ol Dr. Oz)

    They say that this is a great diet for cleansing for a week or two, but then you really need to add back the healthy whole grains. The diet ends up being REJECTED on the grounds that it's not a feasible lifestyle.

    Oh well, at least their talking about us.

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    Egg white omelette—because scientists all agree that hunter gatherers hated the icky egg yolk...

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