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Thread: Highly disappointed in Trader Joes

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    Highly disappointed in Trader Joes

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    I went to Trader Joe's for the first time today, thinking it was going to be a haven in the sense of finding all kinds of primal yumminess. I found almost nothing there. I was looking at the labels, the salami has added sugars and such. the "uncured no nitrites or nitrates" bacon had sugar in it. the "organic" eggs are not farm raised, their "free range" which if you read marks book, you know pretty much means nothing. I was simply unimpressed with everything I saw there.
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    I agree that Trader Joe's meats and eggs are not ideal. They are, however, better than the supermarket. I don't buy my meats, eggs, or dairy from there. I do buy organic fruits and veggies, and they have a decent selection of organic frozen fruits and vegetables. The prices are pretty good too. It's like everything else, you have to look closely and read the labels. I can also buy some packaged foods that, although not what I would consider healthy, do pass as junk food for my kids, and they're happy. It keeps them out of McDonald's-and that's a start. It is a place where you can get some quick items if you are in a hurry, or forgot that important ingredient at the farmer's market.
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    I never find much at trader joe's either. I'm not sure if it is just because the one near me is small - but it has tons of packaged food items and a small produce section. The meat choice is terrible. I have heard good things about the frozen seafood so I may try that. They have lots of dairy - but I don't eat dairy. I almost never go there anymore.
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    Hands down, they have the best price I can find on Kerrygold butter. That alone is worth the trip for me, but I usually end up with a few other things also.

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    They have good prices on kerrygold, coconut oil, cheese, nuts and wine. Other than that ....overrated, but I do get a half cow at a time for my meat so that only leaves some veggies, and my meat already processed those into real food for me

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    It's just one stop out of 3-4 stores my wife visits while grocery shopping. (she's so sweet)

    On her list there is...

    Frozen Wild Blueberries
    Kerrygold Butter
    85% Dark Chocolate
    Coconut Oil
    Herbal Teas

    We have better sources for meat/eggs/veggies etc..., but TJ's is great for the items listed above.

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    I used to think the frozen fish were a ripoff, but a lot of it is actually wild-caught, which makes them really good deals if you compare them to Whole Foods or even Costco.

    I am lucky that the produce store I shop at is nearby a TJ's, so after I get my fresh produce, I go in to get:

    - frozen blueberries
    - butter
    - frozen spinach
    - frozen cod
    - cheese

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    I stopped thinking highly of Trader Joe's, a long time ago. The produce selection is a joke, IMO. I do like their meat section, however. But, it's a inconvenient trip, for me. I save time, by going to Whole Food's, since it's closer.

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    Need to go to Trader Joe's today. On my list:
    Frozen hashbrowns, which are nothing except potatoes
    Frozen shrimp
    Thai chili-lime cashews
    Real cultured, full-fat sour cream
    Real full-fat greek yogurt
    Various varieties of pre-made sauces which have no non-primal ingredients in them and are perfect for mixing with my grass-fed meat and veggies for nearly instant meals
    Pre-bagged, pre-washed organic kale (Which is the only way I can get myself to eat kale; I hate washing and tearing up kale!)

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    For me, TJ's is a god send. I can not afford the upscale grocery (Harris Teeter), and can't deal with the filth of a Food Lion. I get my meat at the Farmers Market. I agree, TJ's does not have much grass fed, but nor does anywhere else around me.

    Eggs are hard to find true pastured except for the Farmers Market- those cost a pretty penny and often sell out. No other grocer (except perhaps whole foods or earth fare) carry genuine pastured eggs. TJ's organic ones are the least expensive in my area.

    The produce is hit or miss, the same quality as Harris Teeter and 15%-20% cheaper, better than Food Lion. Sometimes they have amazing items- the best heirloom oranges at times. Avocados are about half off the Teeter, and they have things like today- red peppers for $.69. Yeah, they need to be used in the next day or two, but considering I have paid $2.99 for a red pepper elsewhere...

    It is what it is- a lower priced alternative to upscale grocers. The quality is not always there, but generally comes close. I paid $12 a pound for pastured bacon at the farmers market, I don't expect $5 a lb. bacon to be of the same quality.

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