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Thread: What did you eat for BREAKFAST today?

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    It wasn't really breakfast- more like brunch- but I had three chicken thighs and some string beans cooked in coconut oil, garlic powder and tamari. then I scrambled two eggs in it, it was kind of like fried rice but without the rice.

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    I just finished off some leftover steak and a few jalepeno peppers thrown into a 3 egg omelete

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    Blueberries and a glass of coconut milk

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    I sauteed up about 1/4 c of Kimchi in some coconut oil. Once the kimchi was starting to turn golden I added about 2 t of ground cumin to the pan, stirred until fragrant and then added in 3 scrambled eggs and cooked until still runny. One of my favorite ways to cook eggs!

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    I just had 3 slices (60g) Aldi proscuitto and about 30g cheese. I don't usually eat until about 10am but was making OH's lunch (sandwiches) and the ham smelled so good!
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    carrot green and raw cheddar fritatta.

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    I make a mash of about 3/4 cauliflower 1/4 parsnips all steamed and mashed together with coconut oil and seasoned with nutmeg and cinnamon. This is a dinner side dish but when I have leftovers in the morning, I mix in a couple of eggs and make Primal Mash pancakes.

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    Standard--two poached eggs, four slices of bacon plus squash and onions sauted in bacon grease.
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    4 bison patties topped with homemade bbq/mayo combo and swiss cheese.

    You know you're jealous :P
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    Bacon and Sweet Scrambled Eggs. Try this. Seriously.

    I use 2 Eggs, a splash of Almond Milk, a splash of vanilla extract, 1/2 - 1 tsp cinnamon (I use a lot 'cause I lovvvvee me some cinnamon), dash nutmeg.

    Fry 'em up in coconut oil. If desired, coat in butter and (if your diet can handle it) a touch of maple syrup.

    Tastes like French Toast. No, maybe better. I eat it every day and still look forward to it in the morning!

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