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Thread: Am I eating too much fruit?

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    Am I eating too much fruit?

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    I am in college and my schedule can be quite hectic, although I have a stove I often can't find time to cook, so I find myself reaching for apples, berries, or slices of cantelope. I have lost weight(went from 160 to 150 over the past few months (with little effort and almost no exercise), but I want to speed up my weight loss, I currently eat about 5 servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables a day, as well as 2oz of nuts or nut butter. Should I cut out or cut back on nuts and fruit for a while? I don't have diabetes or health problems, I just want to speed up my weight loss.

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    Replacing some of your fruit with veg will probably help with weight loss but to answer your question if you are achieving your goals you are not eating too much fruit.
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    Unless you are sensitive to sugar, fruit is fine.
    How does hunger occur in you? Do you feel overwhelmed by it and "have to eat now!"
    Do you get dizzy, disoriented and shaky when hungry?
    Can you go for 5-7 hours without food after ~ 500-700 cals meal and be comfortable?
    Do you experience afternoon energy 'slump' that is fixed by a piece of fruit or something sweet or nuts or dairy?
    Can you go for a month without fruit or sweeteners of any kind, natural or artificial?
    Are you in a habit of chewing gum?

    If you experience no sugar type hunger problems and cravings; your energy level is high and steady and you have no emotional or physical problem staying away from fruit and sweeteners, you can eat it to your heart's content and not worry about it. If you experience negative stuff, then you are better off without sweeteners and fruit.
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