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Thread: Primal Journal (SisterGrok)

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    Well, I haven't been online much, kinda forgot about this..

    Been going off VLC in the last few days, it doesn't feel good.. I guess anything more than avocados trigger a carb creep and before I know it I'm eating an apple while my bacon cooks, gah!

    I'd totally love to be one of those laid back people that eats fruit and squash and sweet potatoes, but more than some berries and I get bloated and dismayed.. and I really have to watch the sugar in all forms so I don't break out. I got sick of my face being photosensitive from topicals, so I just stopped using them, I think my skins adjusting to being self-regulating..

    For a while there my ED was dormant, but I've been kinda wallowing in a bad place lately - beating myself up, not getting enough time in nature, avoiding more than the bare minimum of socializing. I need to find a way to meet new people that doesn't involve parties & drinking/smoking pot(ugh, stoners are soo boring!), it's getting old and I usually feel worse than if I just spent the night stargazing on my own.

    I just need to find a krav maga class or learn to hunt or something.. I might go backpacking in the desert for a few days..

    I think I'm just gonna do fatty meat & fish, eggs, bone broth & maybe some butter for a few weeks, I really need to stop obsessing, it feeds my BDD, I just need to stop worrying.. probably'll post every few days to check myself, it helps keep me on track, I just worry about fixating, but then I fixate on the fact that I'm fixating too much, & that's stressful! so you realy can't win! haha

    On another note, I applied for a legit, non-sedentary job yesterday, it would be comforting to have some steady income instead of the myriad of odd jobs I'm doing lately.

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    Hi Sister G.

    Wonder if you can help me..

    My darling 14-yr-old daughter has developed awful acne these last few months. Bless her, she's bearing up to it like a real trooper, but she's suffering, of course.

    I haven't got a clue where to start. I never had it as a kid, neither did her mum. I don't want to get her tons of chemicals - she would prefer not to use them, too.

    Can you offer any dietary suggestions, please? We're only now getting into PB. In fact I'm still waiting for the book to be delivered.

    Your blog's a good read, if I may say. Made me laugh - in the nicest possible way. Good luck with the job.



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    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for dropping by! So sorry to hear about your daughter, I've been there and it sucks. Luckily it sounds like there isn't much of a genetic predisposition, so that's working to her advantage. Hopefully this is mostly dietary, that's more easily affected than hormones..

    I'd say first thing she can do is don't eat sugar, grains, or veg oils. I know it's hard when you're a teenager to "eat healthy" but it beats suffering & scarring.

    I've found taking a vitamin k2 supplement makes a big difference in the appearance of my skin, as well as fermented cod liver oil and a general emphasis on wild/grassfed animals as the base of my diet.

    A major factor of acne is inflammation, eating enough wild fish & roe, fatty grassfed meats & pastured eggs containing good ratios of omega-3's will make a huge difference in overall inflammation.

    Sugar, too much fruit, grains & veggie oils (rapeseed is in many foods, but very unhealthy!) will do the opposite.

    While a lot of people here advocate nuts, they will probably do more harm than good if eaten regularly, they contain too many polyunsaturates.

    For some people, dairy &/or chocolate can trigger acne, just something to consider.

    PB is about flexibility, and depending on how extreme her acne is she might be able to get away with eating some neolithic foods rarely and not have it appear on her face.

    Just emphasizing anti-inflammatory foods should make a big difference, but give it at least a month or so if she can stick it out.

    If it isn't deep and cystic, there are a lot of things you can apply to the skin to help on a bacterial level (ie. tea tree oil.) and the oil cleansing method is a great way to wash ones face.

    There's a great thread here:

    that covered a few of these things and much more.

    Oh, and don't have her take tetracycline antibiotics for her skin! Bad, bad stuff, it can breed resistant strains of bacteria, very scary compared to the normal buggies we all live with.

    Sorry for the mammoth post (mmm, mammoth..)

    Thanks for the kind words, best of luck to you and your daughter, and if there's anything else don't hesitate to ask!

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    Oh, wow! Thanks, SG! Great reply. We had a good read of it - Susan loved the "Sorry about your daughter.." ;-))

    The last 3 days we've not eaten any grains, wheat, bread, sugar; just plenty of meat, fish, veg. Incredibly, there's already a significant improvement in her complexion. The spots have definitely calmed down. There are a couple of major zits on her forehead and nose, but they're noticeably less red.

    We're going to check out the vitamin k2 supplement.

    Thanks once again and have a nice weekend!


    Matt and Susan

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