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Thread: <50 g carbohydrates/day, but no weight loss?

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    <50 g carbohydrates/day, but no weight loss?

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    Commenting on my blog, there is a woman who have been eating <50 g carbohydrates a day without loosing any weight.

    Might it be because she have been eating lots of peanuts and peanut butter? (even though it contains very little carbohydrates)

    Or could there be another reason?


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    That happened to me!!! Dropped all carbs except vegetables and nuts. Yes I was eating too many nuts and gaining weight!!!

    Went back to putting cream in my coffee so I would feel fuller and less nuts. Started counting calories and bam the weight came back off!!!

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    nuts and nut butters are loaded with calories. it's great energy fuel, but--primal or not (peanuts are not), eating too much will cause weight gain.

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    Doesn't surprise me in the least... cut the snacking
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    Too many calories. I gained 8lbs, on purpose, over winter eating about 50g carbs/day.

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    Where is the fat being stored? If she seems to have large deposites of fat around the midsection across the stomach it may be worth looking to her cortisol issues. Reducing all stress and getting in more sleep may be all she needs. If the fat seems to be at other places then it may be other hormones.

    Calories arnt the whole picture, and nether are carbs. There only tools that your body uses, teach your body how to use the tools and you'll turn out with better results.

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    There is not enough info here....

    Most people can't just restrict carbs, eat unlimited calories and lose weight. The upside is most people CAN eat some good carbs, and lose weight if they watch their calories.

    It is probably easier to cut calories by restricting carbs as you have less foods to choose to overeat. However, of all foods it is easy to overeat, peanut butter probably wins the award.

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    She isn't losing because carbs aren't the deciding factor. The thought that you can shove food in your face all day and lose weight as long as you stay in ketosis all the time makes things difficult for a lot of people. Snacking on calorically dense foods like nuts and so on all day is a poor way to lose weight.

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    I ate zero carbs for several weeks when I was eliminating all FODMAPS and fructose as part of an elimination diet to figure out some digestive issues. I lost no weight at all. Let me clarify that - I lost no fat at all, but i actually did gain weight as a result of constipation. That's because I'm a 5'4 106lb lady which means my maintenance calories on sedentary days is around 1,450 - eating under that for any serious length of time is downright difficult, and I'm probably only maintaining my current weight because I IF regularly and I weightlift with some cardio. I can maintain my current weight easily with carbs, as long as the calories are kept in check, but I'v seen that being low carb doesn't mean jack now that I'm soooooo close to my goal.

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