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Thread: I miss cold butter page

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    I miss cold butter

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    You know, like sweet cream butter smeared on bread. And here is the part I'd never expect to say... I really don't miss the bread at all - but I miss a carrier for the butter. I've been giving in to rice cakes just to have some sort of butter carrier that won't melt it (like cooked veggies). Any ideas?

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    I make piklets out of buckwheat flour, although I have them warm because I love melted butter - yum. You let them cool down though.

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    I know exactly what you mean.

    Without having tried it myself, just brainstorming, maybe lettuce or baby spinach--wrap the butter in it, or put it on top of a leaf. Or endive.

    I can also imagine a crock of chilled butter and chives, or fresh herbs, served with any kind of crudite. A little old-fashioned, kind of James Beard-ish, but could work.

    Oooooo--how about par-boiled and room temp or chilled new potato quarters or thick slices?

    And to think, in the name of consuming fewer calories, I didn't have butter on my shopping list this week...

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    There are couple of coconut flour muffin recipes floating around here that look like they might be good slathered with butter.

    I love cold butter too. I like to smear it on a hunk of dark chocolate and eat it that way....yummy!
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    I've been known to nibble on it straight from the butter dish.

    I also spread it on a Larabar once. YUM.
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    Pork rinds. The big ones. And I love to gross out cw types by telling them.
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    I'm a fan of rice cakes for almond butter spreading, but I've also seen many gluten-free crackers in my grocery store. Even in non-health oriented grocery stores, you can find at least a couple selections.

    Why don't you also look into gluten-free bread like rice flour bread?
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    Thanks for the suggestions. My carb intake has been creeping up due to this recent insatiable craving for butter... I'm trying to get it back down by not eating a sleeve of rice cakes per day...

    I may try it on raw veggies - for some reason cauliflower seems like it might work. Never would have thought to try chocolate - that would be a nice little fat bomb

    Hedonist - What type of pork rinds do you buy? I tried some random brand in our regular grocery store and just couldn't eat them - which amazed me since bacon is something I could eat all day.

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    Interesting thread. I'm learning lots!
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    I put cold butter on cold bacon, or just eat it by itself.

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