I just read Mark's latest post on fasting found here:

How Fasting Aids Weight Loss | Mark's Daily Apple

After reading this, I've been considering condensing my food into one meal a day. As a follower of LeanGains for a few weeks now, I have been counting my calories religiously. I am also eating 3 meals in the 8 hour feeding window. Being intrigued by Mark's post, I wanted to try longer fasts, which is why I want to cut down to one meal a day. If I did this, I would still want to maintain my current calorie consumption due to a warning found in an IF calculator found here:

IF Calculator

The warning appears when you set the day's calories too low and is basically saying that muscle atrophy may occur, probably on the assumption that body fat can supply only a limited amount of energy every day towards metabolism.

Is there anyone who can refute this so I don't have to worry about eating until my stomach hurts for my one meal? Right now, according to the calculator, my minimum recommended calories is about 1900. Imagine trying to fit all that in one meal. Ouch!!!