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Thread: Venus Project!

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    Venus Project!

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    I would love to hear Marks thoughts on the venus project, it is a futuristic view on how we should change how the world system is currently run, i especially find the aspects on agriculture fascinating and would like to know if you find it valid!

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    The Venus Project assumes there can be an abundance of everything. That is simply not true. Technology can make many things abundant and the film discusses energy in great detail, but that is hardly everything. Human demand is limitless, itís simply not possible for 6 billion people to each live in a 5000 square foot mansion with attached private beach on the Florida coast.

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    Ive just googled it and it kinda worries me. I agree with Robinsoneion, it reads like a great idea in theory, but not something that would ever work in practise.
    I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!

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