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Thread: Primal Journal, Alessandra

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    Primal Journal, Alessandra

    So, I guess I'll start one of these journal deals today. After reading the post on red meats and the questionares, I hope I get my log a little bit more accurate.

    B: Three egg omelet with yellow squash, one leaf of red chard, diced up yellow onion, and diced green bell pepper. Hmm, looks like I almost forgot the bacon! Two pieces of Applegate Farms Sunday Bacon.

    S: No clue the actual measurement, but about 2 handfuls of blueberries, XOXOX Dark Chocolate 77%, about 10 macadamia nuts (that's about how many were left in the bag)

    L: Two 1/4 grilled burgers (seasoned with salt, garlic powder, and some parm cheese), baby cut carrots, diced cucumbers, lettuce, and more yellow squash. Homemade salad dressing (mix of extra virgin olive oil, apple cider vinegar, water, herbs de provence, garlic, and sea salt) Small avacado

    D: Blue Sky burger! Much juicier than my somewhat dried burgers from the night before. No bun, with lettuce, pickle chips, two slices tomato, mayo, and mustard. Yes, fries, boo on my sudden desire to use Lowry's Seasoned Salt, but it happened. Iced Tea, unsweet.

    Any other drinks during the day were water. It's pretty dry out here in Amarillo, so water is my friend.
    Today we had a somewhat active day at work, if not a little stressful in the morning, but nothing that couldn't be handled as a team. Very fast paced, but I sort of like when that happens, the day goes by quicker.

    Played about 40 minutes of sand volleyball with my kid, Gabi. We stopped when I realized she's completely lost interest, like staring down at her feet and having more fun playing with her toes in the sand.

    It's been a good day, especially hunger wise. I was actually ready to attack lunch when it finally rolled around. Plus, I wasn't really hunger until dinner hit, which was about 6 hours later. Not bad.
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