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Thread: Under Penalty of Fatness

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    I would second the idea of not setting too thin a goal, thinking about at what weight you feel best. But I have a suggestion for portion control, since it sounds like you cook for 1. How about cooking enough for several meals, but then dividing it up into the right number of freezer containers to make each one a regular portion. Eat one and put the others right into the freezer. You will have less incentive to eat more on the day you cook because you know you will be shortchanged when you eat the others.
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    You can also try calorie cycling- eating less one day and more on others with the aim of a certain average # of calories per week. This helps you to get away from eating the same amount every day which is what fuels the dreaded plateaus. On my low calorie days I eat no carbs, seems to help.

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    Is carb/calorie cycling just as easy as that? I think I'll follow that method when I finish the fat fast. Thanks!

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    Calorie cycling IS that easy. And it's beneficial because your body never gets "used" to a certain amount of calories each day.
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