Hey everyone,

I currently live in Saudi Arabia and tomorrow I will have a rare opportunity to hit up a GNC that is located in Dammam. My diet here in Saudi includes Brazilian beef cube steak, chicken, sardines (1 or 2 times per week), 4-5 eggs (not organic), and local vegetables. I have access to coconut oil and ghee and local vegetables. Sadly, none of the food here is organic, so I have no idea as to what I really am consuming.

Given the above diet, what kind of vitamins or supplements should I be looking at getting? I get a descent amount of sun, but not all the time. I do have a bottle of Kelp tablets, inspired from the iodine thread. I'm just restarting this PB thing and am trying to get it right. My overall goals are to lose weight and gain lean muscle. I also take blood pressure medication and a daily aspirin pill after lunch, if that matters. I also suffer from occasional panic attacks (not taking meds).

Any helpful advice as to what could be a positive factor in this journey would be great.