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Thread: Hunting Dinos but will settle for a nice Rib Eye.....

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    Hunting Dinos but will settle for a nice Rib Eye.....

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    Hi all, I just found this site a few days ago & have been nosing around to see whats what,
    Figured I could get more from the site & forum if I joined up so here I am.

    Have always eaten pretty healthy (ok not by drs standards but Im not convinced they know what there talking about most the time ) But recent diagnoses of a large Fibroid has made me step back & make some changes to my diet and lifestyle as I have no intention of needing "medical intervention" if I can help it
    so about 4-5 weeks ago started cutting out all sugar/flour and amping up the greens and such.
    Have started making vegi (& some fruit) smoothies for breakfast & lunch, adding natural superfoods like bee polen, maca etc & whatever wild greens I can scrounge (preferably non-toxic type)and of course my regular bacon/sausages etc as I need my Meat!. then a normal supper (Meat & veg mostly)
    Ran across this site in the meantime and after some reading, realized that this seems to be pretty close to where I was already heading , ie what makes sense to me.
    Also hoping that this will help me to loose some weight, I dont know if I have yet (Ive no idea what I weight actully) but Hubby has already lost about 2" around his waist.. (wish id remembered to messure myself when I started but have done now so can compare in the future)

    A bit more about me, Im Canadian, grew up in BC on a farm, now living in Scotland (Hubbys Scottish) and have also lived in the US in between. Married, no kids, 2 Dogs, a Old English Mastiff (thats him in my avitar) and a German Shepherd. I work with dogs for a living & like to hike with the dogs (weather permitting) go camping & generally outdoorsy stuff that dosent involve talking to other people (yeah, maybe just a touch anti-social Lol) Somewhat twisted sense of humour wich seems to scare a lot of people away to (Hubby says, Or maybe its just "the look" I give people )

    Have started barefoot running a couple times a week which dosent half get you some weird looks but im kinda allergic to shoes anyways so works for me.
    Well I think that covered the basics, any questions just ask & ill ether answer or not.. (depending on the question... no bank details )
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    Every time I hear the dirty word 'exercise', I wash my mouth out with chocolate.

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