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Thread: Can't exercise -- how to eat to not get fat?

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    Can't exercise -- how to eat to not get fat?

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    I had shoulder surgery last Friday, wont be able to exercise for at least 8 weeks, and can already feel the flab gathering around my belly. Ugh. I eat pretty low-carb paleo: no suger, no rice etc, no fruit (half a banana a day, maybe), lots of bacon, lots of avocado, lots of chicken, lots of salad, a good bit of cheese. I was losing weight this way before surgery; since then, I've gone the other direction. Don't know exactly what's causing the gain. Maybe just overeating, given my lack of exercise? Too much Kerry butter, too much coconut oil, too much of both of them drizzled over toasted coconut flakes? too damn much 85% dark chocolate? What? And how could I approach the situation methodically for the next two months or so? Thanks!

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    If you aren't exercising than you are burning less calories. Have you started eating less to match the decrease in your expenditure?
    I doubt that you've already gained flab around your belly since Friday. The only way that could be possible is if you've severally over eaten since then.

    It's not too much of any one thing that makes you gain weight, it's too much food in general. So cut back a bit.

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    you might want to try tracking what you eat, just to see how much you are consuming. low carb, primal friendly foods will help you lose weight, but not if you're eating too many calories. probably the best way to cut down is to reduce the fat a bit. lessen the bacon, butter and coconut oil (these should really only be for enhancing foods, and taken in moderation/used for cooking/etc.) and just focus on eating foods that will satisfy you, like steak, veggies, salads, fish, etc.

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    Cut your portions.

    You say you can't exercise. Are you allowed to walk. My husband had back surgery and he was told to walk beginning the day after, increasing his distance a little each day.

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    Just eat less.

    I know it feels "incomplete" to eat a lesser amount than you're used to, but have the mindset that you are using less energy, and hence you should be taking in less. Don't dwell on thoughts about food, thinking about how to make a high-fat-low-carb-paleo-friendly-dessert after dinner.

    Occupy your mind with something else, and you will soon get used to the new "limited" level of fullness. If you have weight to lose, your body doesn't need that coconut flake drenched in butter thingy, it's only your brain wanting it...

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    I had shoulder surgery almost 3 years ago too, and was walking the next day. Not long miles mind you, but even the smallest bit helps. You can also sit by the edge of a pool and move your legs. Reducing the amount of "Treats" at this point will help, and drinking more water is also beneficial. Continue with the meats n veg, but lower the amount of added fats. Just my two cents...Good luck with the rehab:-)

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    What are your estimated maintenance calories for your age/sex/height/weight assuming that you are currently sedentary? Try logging what you're currently eating into an online calculator like fitday or livestrong or whichever. Eating 2,500 calories while burning 1,500 calories will result in weight gain, regardless of whether those calories are from fat or carbs.

    If you're not sure what your maintenance calories are, here's a great calculator from the Leangains site:
    IF Calculator

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    We often eat the quantities we're used to (or more) when circumstances require us to consume less. Some years ago, I had surgery that required me to not only avoid exercise but to rest as much as possible. I noticed immediately that my 'head' wanted to eat more (from boredom, I'm sure), but I was aware of not wanting to gaine weight. I deliberately lowered my intake, was still eating comfortably, and didn't gain any weight during the month that I spent resting a lot and moving a little.

    If you're expending less energy, you need to consume less food.

    Perhaps that 'fat' you're noticing is bloat from meds? Anesthetic often causes that for several days until it leaves the body completely.

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    Eat fewer carbs- don't eat bananas, you don't need the sugar, switch to berries; carb cycle; try intermittent fasting; do the Atkins Fat Fast for a few days- 1,000 calories & 75-90% fat- so long as you eat well other days you will not go in to "starvation mode"- the high fat days seem to help the body to get on with burning up fat thru ketosis which you might not be in enough. Consider cold thermogenesis also- if you can, get up and walk in the morning while it is still cold or start taking cold baths, etc.
    Read this post it's so enlightening-
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