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    Now saturated fat lowers your sperm count

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    Men who eat a lot of fatty foods have lower quality sperm than men who avoid them, a new study found.

    Saturated fat, the stuff in meat and dairy foods, was associated with lower sperm counts. The men eating the most saturated fat had 35 percent fewer sperm than men eating the least.

    On the bright side, the men who ate more omega-3 fats — the kind found in fish and some plants — had slightly more sperm that were correctly formed than their brethren who ate less.


    This study doesn't say if the men's diet caused the decline in sperm count. It just says they may be connected.

    Fatty Foods Bad For Sperm : Shots - Health Blog : NPR
    Oh good, another 'correlation/causation' study. Don't worry, there's a link to that 'red meat causes early death' article at the bottom of this one in case you missed it.
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    We're dooooooomed!!!!!!! LOL
    I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!

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    that's nonesense, because even conventional doctors recommend that you eat more fat if you are having trouble conceiving. Fat has been proven to help with fertility.
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