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Thread: Nut oils

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    Nut oils

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    Whats the word on nut oils?
    Im thinking specifically walnut oil and almond oil. Are these as good as the nuts themselves are or do they lose that something by being 'oiled'?
    If I cooked with them, does it alter their properties much?

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    Try Macadamia~
    Walnut is good for cold uses IMO... no heat, such as in a vinaigrette. It has a nice walnut flavor.

    Almond oil... is great for skin. (IMO) It's all Omega 6 no Omega 3s...

    Here's a chart... ignore all non-paleo oils... there are plenty of healthy oils/fats there to keep you and your taste buds happy.
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    Oh, I'm so glad I came across this thread! I have almond oil and have been using it occasionally to cook stuff. Hmm, I guess I need to back down off of it due to the Omega 6 deal. I love using it to make a good oil and salt scrub for my skin though. It works rather nicely and doesn't have the same smell that olive oil does. I put essential oils in there too.
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