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Thread: Paleo w/ Type 1 Diabetes

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    Paleo w/ Type 1 Diabetes

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    Hi, Groks and Grokettes!!

    A dear friend of mine is Type 1 diabetic and (I guess) needs fast-acting carbs to keep from going hypoglycemic. He has expressed interest in the primal/paleo diet but I'm not sure what to tell him w/ regard to maintaining his base blood glucose needs.

    Any advice would be much appreciated - or a point in the direction of Type 1 eating plans. Most of what I found has dealt w/ paleo/primal diets as treatment for Type 2 diabetes (obviously a very different circumstance).


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    Hopefully richthediabetic and nomadinjeapordy will chime in here. Here is ano Type 1 thread recently started:
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    I'm a type 1.5 or LADA. The only reason one would go hypo being primal is not adjusting their insulin accordingly. Your friend will have to slowly ease into it so he/she can monitor their blood sugar. I had this same issue....until I went completely off all medication. I'm very insulin deficient so I'm very sensitive to carbs, therefore I eat very few, less than 50 a day, and thats only veggies.
    Have your friend get the book "The Diabetes Solution" by Dr Bernstein. Applies to ALL diabetics.

    Being Primal will help your friend control blood sugars better than any other way of me!

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    Thank you for posting on your progress, nomadinjeopardy! I am also following richthediabetic's thread. My uncle is a diabetic and my father is pre-diabetic (and his dad died of type II diabetes), so I am really excited about your good results. I am trying to convince my dad to go primal, he has been quite reluctant so far, he loves his bread and his pizza Besides, he has a thyroid condition that he medicates for and that makes him hungrier and more prone to gaining weight. His endocrinologist is useless, she wants him to cut down on sugar, but also on fats. As for carbs, she told him he could have potatoes, bread and rice, if only he didn't eat them all at the same meal... I think this is irresponsible, a pre-diabetic person, whose metabolism is obviously out of whack, should really not consume bread, potatoes or rice or sugary stuff

    And my uncle, who is a diabetic, has certainly cut down on his bread consumption (he used to eat a whole lot of bread at every sitting before he was diagnosed) and tries to watch his carbs, but every time I go to see him, my grandma serves cookies and fruit and he can't resist either...

    But now I can tell them about your results and maybe change their way of thinking
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