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Thread: Anyone in the middle of Whole 30?

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    Anyone in the middle of Whole 30?

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    I restarted yesterday and am really struggling with the no dairy thing. I could really use some support as I just got off of a primal plan. I am having the worst cravings for full fat fage yoghurt with raw honey and milk and cheese.

    Now I have come to the realization that for me dairy is like a drug. I cannot stop fixating on it.

    When does this go away and are there any supplements that help with energy and cravings that I could take to get through this.

    I feel like I have a sinus infection/flu right now. Blocked sinuses, fatigue, muscle aches.


    Thanks for listening guys!!!

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    Hi kiwigal - I am on day 13 and I can say that it does get easier. The best thing for me has been to eat enough so that I am not hungry, and to make sure those meals have a lot of protein and fat. I *hope* I am on the other side of carb flu. It just feels terrible. It helped me to read threads about it - lots and lots of people go through it, and that made me feel like less of a freak. It also made me realize it would pass.

    I will say that for the last few days, I have felt remarkably better. Like better than I have in years. So it is totally worth it.

    Hang in there!

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    Same here! I was 3 days pretty strong, and screwed up by having some goat cheese yesterday. I do think casein does have addictive properties, but I also have problems with all cravings when I eat too much fat (>100g). I totally get you and you are not alone.

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