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Thread: Wheat sensitivity (other than gluten)

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    Wheat sensitivity (other than gluten)

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    I was just wondering other than gluten what people are generally sensitive to in wheat and also other grains.

    In an effort to be more primal I have told people I am sensitive to wheat and gluten (and other things depending on how picky I feel). Anyway I just came back from a catered lunch where I specified "wheat free" on the dietary requirements form we were given beforehand. I turn up to find only sandwiches and wraps on offer as well as some cake as desserts.

    Looking at the plates I (and another gluten sensitive person) realised instead there was a GF (gluten free) plate of wraps. So I tried one out and the 'bread' was a bit gross but I was hungry and not in the mood for IF.

    So I'm just confirming that wheat free does not translate to gluten free when considering dietary requirements and possible sensitivities.

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    Here's a bit more info about gluten and gliadin proteins:

    Foods Containing Gluten & Gliadin Proteins | LIVESTRONG.COM
    Gluten Free Blog: Gliadin Protein in 3D - the enemy revealed

    That Robb Wolf post will give you the in-depth scientifics if you're interested in them.
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    I have recently been found to be intolerant to wheat and rye with a minor intolerance to gluten. Looks like I am going to have to state quite clearly what I can eat. That reminds me, I have a two day conference early May, will have to start laying the ground work for the caterers.
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    We have quite a large reaction to wheat in my family (well, should be past tense, we were successfully treated).

    Middle two children were failure to thrive (not medically diagnosed, only through observation. But at age 5, one should weigh more than 12kg and be in a bigger size than 1. In Australia, this is the size 12-18m olds wear. My then 2.5 yr old daughter weighed 8kg. She was born 9lb 3, so about 4.5kg). My youngest had her bottom burnt off courtesy of her reaction (so bad she has a scar). After finally removing it for good, I no longer have any bowel issues (It's fantastic never farting! lol), my brain is finally functioning (I have missed it) and loads of other positives.

    This was definitely a wheat allergy (if I ate a tiny amount of wheat and breastfed the youngest, her wee would burn her very soon after the next feed so it went through very quickly. It can also take up to 8!! weeks for the proteins to clear your system). I did test her on gluten and same reaction, but much longer time to react and milder reaction (so intolerant to that).

    Even with my allergy treated, I ingested a tiny bit of wheat (in some salami) and had to deal with a nasty headache the next day.

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    it's likely the only way you're going to find happiness in your diet.

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