I found a farm on eatwild.com that's only couple hours drive away from me and they sell pastured Berkshire hogs and grass fed cows. So I'm kicking around the cost/benefits of getting a half hog and a quarter cow.

I figured out the rough average costs for actual meat at about $9.50 per pound. It's hard to estimate because they price it based on the hanging carcass instead of the finished cuts. But assuming I get a an 8 cubic foot freezer for a couple hundred bucks and get a couple hundred pounds of meat for $1900. That's a pretty big investment but probably not entirely out of line. Hell, I spent $100 on meat just last week.

But I've got a number of concerns before plopping down that kind of money for my years supply of meat.

I'm not sure how long it would take me to eat 200lbs of meat... maybe a year? ...maybe less? Hard to figure, but if I had a freezer full of it I would probably eat more!

I've got a generator so I'm not too concerned about extended power outages, in hurricane season, spoiling my $1900 worth of meat.

I'm not so sure $9.50 per pound is such a great deal when I'm getting mixed cuts of meat but there is obviously a premium on getting the best meat I can get.

I've always been told you shouldn't re-freeze meat. Since I'm solo and I like to make up stews and such and re-freeze them later. So what happens if I thaw out a roast, make a stew, and refreeze it into individual portions. Will it be no good?

Finally, how do you avoid freezer burn? Seems to me that meets wrapped tightly in paper seem to last a good long time without freezer burn. Is that the secret? Or does it have something to do with the freezer?