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    lookingforanswers journal

    Quote Originally Posted by lookingforanswers
    Hi JanSz,

    A friend of mine posted on the leptin thread about me and my hormone issues, most notably struggling with desire/libido. She said you had offered to evaluate my hormone tests, so I joined MDA and looked you up!

    I would appreciate any insight you can offer. I am going to be seeing a hormonal doc in 2 weeks, but after all the BS I've been fed from doctors I just don't have much faith in what she's going to offer.

    When this panel was ordered my doctor didn't have pregnenolone on the list. I'm wondering if I should get that done? Do you know if it's done at a regular lab? Does it need to be done at any certain time during my cycle?

    Here is what I do have so far. I'll also be doing a salivary cortisol/hormone test this weekend.

    0.7 ng/mL
    Range for Follicular: 0.2 - 1.4

    DHEA Sulfate
    110 ug/dl
    Range for Adult Female: 35 to 430 ug/dL

    33.7 pg/mL
    Range for Follicular: up to 160 pg/mL

    Testosterone Free
    <2.0 pg/mL
    Range: 1.0 - 8.5

    Testosterone Total
    <20 ng/dL
    Range: <73

    I don't know if it means anything to you, but my thyroid is also off. T3/T4/TSH are all low and I'm on Naturethroid for those, but still not at optimal levels.

    Again, I'd truly appreciate any advice/suggestions you have. I do believe these are all low, but I'm reading so much contradictory information about how to treat them, like whether I should supplement with each hormone or start at the top and just add in some pregnenolone. It's very confusing.

    Thanks so much!


    How old are you?
    height, weight
    known problems
    do you have all body parts, uterus, ovaries, gallblader, etc
    do you menstruate
    on what cycle day number was blood drawn for the tests that you posted?

    all steroid hormone levels that you posted are low

    assuming that your pregnenolone is low,
    you could start hormone supplementation using

    pregnenolone Lipid Matrix from Nutricology, 150mg pills
    7ketoDHEA 100mg pills from
    DHEA 50mg pills from

    You may want to buy above three items, 4-6 bottles of each (to have a head start).
    Do not use them now, until I have more info about you.

    Scan all tests that you had and post them here.
    Go to doctor's office, ask for all copies.


    Quote Originally Posted by lookingforanswers
    Hi Jan,

    I am soon to be 35. My height is about 5' 5" and weight roughly 118 lbs. I've actually been gaining a little weight on the leptin rx. I assume that's somehow due to the low hormones.

    Yes, I have all body parts and do menstruate, but I'm very irregular. I went 9 months in 2011 without a cycle, but finally seem to be getting back on track with a cycle about once every 35-40 days. The tests were drawn on day 4 of my cycle.

    I do have copies of all of my tests. I'll scan and post them tomorrow for you to look at.

    Thank you so very much for your time!
    lets see the tests.
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