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Thread: Cold Thermogenesis Guidelines/Results

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    Cold Thermogenesis Guidelines/Results

    Mark Sisson recently discussed the benefits of cold water:

    There's a lot to this, and people are getting interested again.

    Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in mammals. Cold Thermogenesis is heat production stimulated by exposure to cold temperatures. Thermogenesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If you only ever click on one link, please click this one! It's a must-read study on Cold Thermogenesis!

    The conclusion from this study:
    Data have been presented that imply that the adipostat
    hypothesis does not adequately predict the outcome when
    thermogenesis is altered. Indeed, our conclusions are that
    decreased thermogenesis may in itself be causative of
    obesity; correspondingly, ‘induced’ thermogenesis counteracts
    obesity (even without dietary intervention). Thus,
    activation of thermogenesis is an anti-obesity tool irrespective
    of whether it is accomplished by artificial uncoupling,
    exercise, shivering, or recruitment and activation of
    brown adipose tissue. The latter would seem to be the more
    physiological, and the more comfortable, of these means of
    promoting thermogenesis.

    Exposure to cold increases your metabolism, leading to fat loss and a slew of other health benefits including the prevention and elimination of many metabolic syndrome and age-related diseases. Search - thermogenesis for many current studies.

    Ray Cronise at Thermogenex - Fuel the Burn is a former NASA scientist and proponent of cold thermogenesis.

    Dr. Jack Kruse has written extensively on the benefits of cold thermogenesis at COLD THERMOGENESIS 1: THEORY TO PRACTICE BEGINS: - Jack Kruse

    Questions frequently asked on CT blogs:
    1. What temperature and how long?
    -- This seems to be subject of debate, but it seems you should go for the coldest you can stand. Many report good success with ice packs on neck and belly for 30 minutes a night, others like cool baths and showers, while others will actually soak in a tub filled with ice cubes for 30-60 minutes. If you live in a cold climate, exposure to outside air below freezing for 30-60 minutes a day seems to work also.

    2. Should I supplement with vitamins during CT?
    -- Keep your normal routine going. Some foods that are known to increase the effectiveness of CT are dark chocolate, turmeric, green tea, hot peppers, and cinnamon.

    3. Do I need a ketogenic diet?
    -- Dr. K says yes, Ray Cronise says no. Both agree you should eat a diet free of PUFA and processed foods (SAD).

    4. How will I know if it's working?
    -- After 2-3 weeks, you will notice you shiver less and your body radiates heat more. Fat should start to come off effortlessly. You will not be as hungry since cold shunts hunger signals.

    5. Where is the magic? Just increased calorie burn?
    -- The real magic behind CT is in activation of BAT (brown fat) and Uncoupling Proteins. Read more:

    6. How do I get started?
    -- Start by filling a sink with ice cold water, cold tap water with ice cubes. Put your face in the water and leave as long as you can. This will activate your mammalian dive relex and prepare your body for longer exposure. Do this several times over a week or so. When this is tolerated well, begin taking cooler showers and baths. A common method is to take a hot shower, but for the last few minutes turn the temp down to as cold as you can stand. Work on increasing time spent in cold shower or bath. To speed it up, fill a tub with cool water and gradually add ice cubes (20-40lbs). This is an advanced technique. Swimming in an unheated swimming pool or lake or ocean is also a great way to get advantage of thermal loading.
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