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    Raw vs Cooked Meat?

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    Is there any science that show that which is better? I know I prefer fish raw (although I do eat canned fish like herring and sardines), eggs cooked and red meats grilled rare. Which is the best way to cook you food? Does it even matter?

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    I love it cooked and raw on sashimi. Really addicting

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    I don't know about the science, but from common sense I imagine a mixture of both is probably more in line with our evolution. We didn't always cook meat, but did when we had the chance. This assumes that your meat is clean, of course. Needless to say if it is laden with E. Coli then you should cook it thoroughly, but otherwise by all means enjoy raw meat and fish. I was in France last week and they love raw meat - I had steak tartare 3 times! I also cook my meats and eggs rare - runny yolks are possibly the most delicious thing on the planet

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