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    My doctor just kind of blew my mind.

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    So I had my cholesterol tested last week. It wasn't my idea - I was at the doctor getting a class 1 license medical and he mentioned that he's never tested it and it might be worth looking at. I thought what the hell.

    So I'm sitting in the doctor's office this morning, waiting to see him about the results, and I'm having this argument in my head. You know, where he says I should cut the eggs and fat down, make sure I get whole grains, the usual schtick. Anyway, when he does come in he tells me my blood sugar is perfect, and my cholesterol levels are good, if maybe a tick higher than what the chart says to consider "normal". He tells me everything looks great, and if I wanted to try and nudge those levels down a bit I could make some dietary changes.

    I take a breath and think "here we go..." when he says to me "It's not the red meat or eggs that raise your cholesterol, actually you want to cut down your bread, pasta, grains, and keep your sugar intake down. That's what actually leads to elevated cholesterol. Cut that stuff way down and you'll be good to go."

    Here I was all ready for a statin fight, and I get told to cut down grains and sugar and enjoy meat. It's been a while since I've had any pleasant surprises on a Monday morning. I might have to celebrate my test results with a big steak tonight.

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    Maybe you should play the lottery as well. Awesome news!!!

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    It seems like a mind change is slowly trickling through the establishment on some of this ancestral-health, whole-foods stuff. Good news all round.
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    I wasn't even there and this blew my mind just reading it! Never let this doctor go.
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    hahahha that's awesome!!

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    Wow, that's wonderful news! If there's one doc that gets it, hopefully that means there will be more! Stick with this one for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Croak View Post
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    Wow! I wish my doctor was like that! Send him over to the UK please!

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