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Thread: Non primal discussions?

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    Yeah, I would like a off topic folder as well. I got in a fight with a co-worker/friend over saturated fat and I'd love to discuss it. (she's of the Low Fat camp <rolleyes>)

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    Haha, share away!

    Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!

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    Ah gotta love the jealous wife! You touched him “inappropriately”! So what did you do grab his manhood?

    You handled it extremely well. Sometimes that is the only way, she was probably looking for a fight and you didn’t give her the fuel.

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    Tara, sounds like you were necessary kind to her. But I'm sure you wanted to "touch her innapropriatly".

    On a side note as a server do you ever want to slap the people you are serving and say "why are you eating that!"

    It's grandma, but you can call me sir.

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