Whole week. I've never really made it through a whole week of actually paleo (or even primal) eating. I feel like I'm always taking one step forward and two steps backward. I'm tired of buying nuts, cheese, and coconut ice cream with the pretense that they'll be treats or snacks, when I know I'll just eat them in a sitting. I want to actually get this right for just one week.

Relevant background: I was a chubster in middle school, but got skinny running cross country and eating low (loooow) fat, categorically avoiding red meat, etc. Stayed that way through my first three and a half years of college. I started running 50+ mpw my junior year, then life events stressed me out, I quit exercising as much, and I put on weight. Now I'm graduating soon, and I've been mad at myself for months for letting myself go through my senior year in this condition.

I've been eating grain + sugar free since the summer, but clearly I'm doing it wrong. I just want to do it right for a week... !