I have been here before, not really ready to commit. However, today, tonight, I need something to focus on. I need something new and exciting.

I have been doing weight watchers since 1998 I think. Losing, gaining, losing, gaining. This past year I have lost 16 kgs (35-ish pounds). I did it incorporating more and more of the Primal Blueprint. I have 25ish more pounds to lose (10kg).

So, here I am. 35, single, no kids, no family close by. Desk job, with some travelling. Hobbies are singing, yoga and jogging. I have two races this spring, 26K on April 28 and a marathon (my first) on June 2nd. I was doing well with my running training, but I am experiencing some issues with my knee at the moment.

So, Tomorrow, March 12, will mark the first day of my Primal Challenge. Wish me luck!