Hi, every primal out there!

My name is Tove and I am 21 years old. For about four years I have suffered from a bad type of Acne(I got a lot of scars). My back had been covered, and now it looks like a mine field of small scars. My face has also suffered, but not as bad as my back. On the back I also have round and big pimples deep under the skin that never goes away. I feel embarrast to show them, so I always wear sweathers that covers them..

This fall(2011) I went to the dermatologist and I got prescribed Accutane, which he thought was the best alternative. He told me that about 90% get rid of the acne completely, but that it had some kinds of side effects and told me about(some of) them. Now, two and a half mounths later, I really doubt this is the best alternative. Sure, the acne is going away slowly, but I almost constantly have some kind of virus. My immune system is down at the bottom, and I don't at all have that energy I had before the treatment. It feels like my body is attacking itself.

When I read about all these side effects which some the doctor didn't told me about, and when I read about people who never get rid of some side effects, I really start to doubt that I am going the right way. I really want to get rid of this terrible acne, but I don't want to put my body through something that is maybe permanently damageing my body in some way.

I found MDA last year, and got so inspired. I am on my way to a primal life. I have for about two months totally ditched sugar, grains and all legumes(exept for some cake now and then) I eat a lot of vegetables, still some dairy(this is what I get to eat at breakfast at school). I have read that going primal can treat acne, but I wonder how easy that is. Is it possible to me? Can I even make it? Though, I am determined to do what it takes if it's possible.

What shall I do? Do you have any experience of Accutane? How bad is this treatment?

Thank you for reading! I am hoping for some answers!